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Start Your Own Sportsbook Business

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Wagering on sports no longer has to be the domain of Las Vegas casinos and slick online sports betting websites.  With fully functional online sportsbook software, now you can manage your own book, and the best part is you only pay for what you use while maintaining control of your own players.

Online sports betting has been a popular form of entertainment for over a decade and has given rise to the demand for a solution that local bookies can utilize.  The industry has responded with a pay per head solution whereby the local bookie only pays for service based on the number of players they have active.  The bookie sets up their players with an online account, customizes betting types and wagering limits and provides their players with a username and password to access an online betting system.  The player has access to a robust system with the ability to bet on most every major sporting event in the world.

I had a chance to review The Standard, who claims to be "setting the standard" in per head solutions.  Signing up for their service was very easy, I entered 4 pieces of information and my account with 10 players was setup in instantly.  The email they sent confirming my account was very professional and helpful for getting me started.

One of the first things that caught my eye with The Standard was an all-inclusive price of just $10 per head.  It's not hard to find pay per head shops claiming to offer deals as low as $5 per head, but when you investigate further they might have player minimums or offer stripped down versions of their software.  For a fully functional software solution -- something your players are likely to demand -- most places end up charging $20 or more per head.  Not so with The Standard.  As advertised, they charge a $10 per head flat fee that includes all of the bells and whistles; live in-game wagering, mobile betting, custom player profiles, prop builder, etc.  

Dealing with their customer support was also top-notch. I tried both emailing and phoning at a couple different times during the day.  Email response times were quick -- usually within 15 minutes -- and the representatives were responsive and knowledgeable. When phoning in, someone picked up within a couple of rings and was able to walk me through several questions I had about the software and even customize a few settings for me while we chatted.

My overall impression of The Standard was quite high, their prices are as advertised and their service is top-notch.  If you are looking to startup your own bookie business, The Standard delivers everything you need and more.


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