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Euro 2016 Betting

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The final stages of the Euro 2016 Football Tournament may seem like a very long way away, however the qualifying stages are of course now well under way and there are plenty of betting opportunities surrounding this hugely popular tournament.

In fact we have seen lots of
Euro 2016 sports betting sites putting together some very unique betting propositions for their customers and as such if you are growing tired of placing one or more of the usual bets and wagers associated with soccer then it may pay dividends for you to look around and see just what additional betting opportunities are available on Euro 2016.

In fact it is also going to be very worth your while comparing the welcome sign up offers which all online sport betting sites and online Sports Books are currently offering new customers for you can often get your very first bet matched at many such sites, and that will guarantee win or lose on the first bet you place you will get another one of the same value awarded to you for free, instantly doubling your winning chances.

In Play betting markets on all of the Euro 2016 matches scheduled to kick off during the coming days, weeks and months are also famed for giving soccer fans a much greater interest in any match they watch, for when you place an In Play bet your will be placing those wagers after the match has kicked off and the odds on whatever outcome of the game you are betting on will increase or decrease as the game is being played out.

When you have placed a bet on any Euro 2016 match before the kick off do consider taking advantage of the In Play betting markets and their respective betting opportunities for by doing so it can often be the case that you can hedge those before the kick off bets and wagers via the In Play betting markets and could guarantee a winning payout no matter how that match ends.

Consolation Bets on Euro 2016

One aspect of placing your Euro 2016 bets and wagers at some of the bigger online sports betting sites is that many of those sites will offer you a range of consolation bets, and as such when taking advantage of those wagers a losing bet does not necessarily mean you will lose.

There are numerous betting sites that will attach to some of their betting markets a range of consolation bonuses, some of which will give you your stake money back if the soccer bet you have placed a bet on results in something the betting site pre determined occurs during the game.

One such bet will see your stakes being returned to you if one named player scores the last goal of the match and your correct score bet loses, there are in fact dozens if not hundreds of consolation bets available throughout the Euro 2016 Tournament, so do some hunting around for there is lots of value to be had when you do.

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