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Sports Betting Brokers

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Unknown to many in the industry, there is a fast emerging business in Asia, catering to a very niche market of smart and professional punters. These are Sports betting brokers.
Their services focus on placing bets on Asian handicap for all sports games and events. The strengths of these Sports Brokers lie in their ability to place higher stakes and odds on games.
Most professional smart punters will experience reduced betting limits or getting banned by European sports bookmakers when they start winning from them. Their solution is then to turn to these Sports brokers as an avenue to place their bets.
The success of these Sports brokers is their ability to place stakes much higher than the limits restricted by most bookmakers through their Asian Sportsbook connections. In Asia, most of the sportsbook have an agent hierarchy system, similar to that of a multi-level marketing scheme. Credit limits are offered to customers based on trust and this allows them to place higher stakes. With these Sports Brokers, one does not have to worry about being banned from winning. In fact, they value winners as they are remunerated by the bookmakers through rebates from the winning bets and stake turnovers.
However, with these Sports Brokers, their strength lies only in Asian handicap betting only. This can both be seen as a pro and con element. Asian handicap offers a lower overround as compared to other bet types. Therefore the advantage to the bookmaker is lower and thus offers a higher chance of winning to customers. On the other hand, to those who bets solely on 1X2 or other bet types, these Sports Brokers’ services will be of little attraction.
If you will like to find out more about the services of these Sports Brokers, you can connect to one through / our Sportsbetting links (

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