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Premier League Betting Tips

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A look at 5 simple but effective Premier League betting tips.
The Premier League is one of the most widely followed sports tournaments in the world, with hundreds of millions of fans across the globe. The tournament is also one of the major points of focus for the sports betting industry, with millions of dollars in bets placed on Premier League matches throughout the football season.
There are good reasons why the Premier League attracts such strong support from punters. There are decades worth of detailed team and players stats available online, punters can follow their teams season-to-season building up a feeling for strengths and weaknesses, and dozens of odds improving betting specials are on offer from top bookies throughout the football season.
Here are some Premier League betting tips worth pursuing:
1. Bet on the most dominant team
During the course of a season one or two clubs tend to begin to dominate proceedings. One extremely effective way of profiting off this is simply to back the team to win against any team outside the top four on the league table. Don’t do this at a regular bookie, however, rather lay your team’s opponents at a betting exchange where you will also win your bet if the match draws.
2. Go outright
Some of the best value is to be found in the pre-season betting markets. If you follow the transfer markets (and you should), you can quickly get a sense of which clubs will be competitive over the next season. Look out for managerial changes or the departure or arrival of high quality players in the side – then look for value in the Outright Winner, Relegation, Top 10 Finish and Top Four Finish betting markets.
3. Win money back
Some of the UK’s top bookies offer opportunities to win back losing bets every week of the season. Pay attention to what is on offer at your bookie and you can find yourself making up your losses when your bets lose. Remember that winning back losses allows you to turn the house odds on the bookie in the long run, so bet smart!
4. Over/Under Goals
If you’re wanting to get value on an online betting market for a specific match, look no further than the Over/Under betting markets. The best value is offered on predicting whether over or under 2.75 goals will be scored. To place a good bet simply have a look at your side’s recent scoring stats, both aggregate and home and away, then do the same for the opponents. If the two clubs together are averaging over 3 goals a match and their strikers are fit – put your bet on over 2.75 goals.
5. Free Bets
Worried about losing your money trying out these simple tips? Don’t be. Every quality bookmaker in the United Kingdom offers free bets to new account users, which means every time you open a new account you get two bets for the price of one once you have made a deposit and placed a bet. Use this free money to double your bankroll or experiment with our Premier League betting tips.

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