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How to win at Betting Exchanges

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Where do you have the best chances to win in the whole online gambling world? The answer is simple, at the betting exchanges. The odds are 20% better than at normal bookmaker, if you like to bet on outsiders like me the odds are 80% better than normal bookmakers.
I am not going to learn you how to win, everyone has its own methods, but winning at exchanges like Betfair sports is definately something that can be achieved. Take a look at the screenshot that I took from Betfair sports from todays tennis match Lukasz Kubot vs Philipp Kohlschreiber, at the beginning of the match the odds were 1.10 for Kohlschreiber and 10.0 for Kubot. Nice odds without bookie margin. At betting exchanges like Betfair sports (the best betting exchange) you have much better odds, for example the odds at some of the best bookmakers in the world at the beginning of the match were: Kohlscreiber 1.07, Kubot 5.0. The odds for Kohlscreiber are almost the same, but the odds for the outsider Kubot are 2 times better at Betfair sports .
As you can see from the screenshot I greened out and I win whoever wins, 799,90 if Kubot wins and 479 if Kohlscreiber wins, I successfuly exchanged bets in the course of the match and ended up winning nice. At the start of the match I placed 95 euro on Kubot on odds 10.0. My prediction was right and although he was outsider he broke in the first game and he held his serve 3 times until he broke again Kohlschreiber and served out the first set. The odds at that time were around 1.90 for Kohlschreiber(still favorite) and 2.08 for Kubot. I could have traded and placed a bet on Kohlschreiber, but I decided to wait and Kubot broke again in the 2nd set. The odds for him got around 1.30 and I placed a bet on Kohlschreiber to cover just in case if Kubot decides to choke. Originaly I would have won 950 euro on Kubot, but as I placed the bet I lost some of my winning on Kubot, now I was around 800 euro if Kubot wins and 480 euro if Kohlschreiber wins, not bad, in the end Kubot won. In this case I lost another 150 euro winnings, but these matches are tight so its good to cover yourself.
This is just example of how bettng exchanges can be used. Overall they open so many new possibilities, if you are patient you have better chances to win than at bookmakers.

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