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Ways to Play Video Poker With Low Pair Of Hands

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If you have the same choice like majority of video poker players, then you might not expect much when landed with low pair for initial hand. It feels like these hands are never going to turn into a winning streak ever. But, can this be the real case? If lower hand is stated to be a bad initial hand then what are the reasons for them to end up high on playing some strategy charts? There are some major points for you to consider when you are dealing with a low pair. Video poker has its own sets of features and excitement. Once you get a hand of it, you will know ways to win with initial lower hands too.

Things gamblers should remember:

Video poker players are known to remember their losses. When they end up with low pair, they remember the over seven losses out of the other 10 hands available. They are not quite associated with the minor winning hand but their concentrations lies on the hand after that, which might end up in loss.

This might seems more than seven losses out of 10 hands,  but with the help of a good records of actual results over multiple thousands hands, you will end up denoting that results are likely to be close to 70% losing hand rate.

Reasons on why low pair rates high in returns and strategy:

If you log online and check out some of the tables in online casinos, you will get a hang of it soon. It is clearly shown over there that every winning hand comes with a profit to the said video poker player. It is not just the initial bet which is associated with high pair but sometimes, the said profit can turn out to be quite considerable.

It is the truth that low pair will often return you with nothing, which might make you believe that one never wins with it. However, at times, win can turn out to be quite healthy. That makes it more sense on why low rated hands end up in high position in strategy and returns. It is not that frequent to be lucky enough and get winning hands, but the payments are quite well to be honest.

Further points to remember:

In place of Better or Jacks, the primary return for any initial hand of low pair is aid to be 82%. This number might include the fairly infrequent full houses and four of the same hands, it is always a decent return and better off than most of the other hands, available on the strategy chart.

High pair might guarantee you with a minimum return of the initial bet, but you always have the right to improve upon 1 for 1 return when you win even with the low pair. This form of thinking might be your chance to get through with the 71+% loss rate of the said low pair hands. Learning the tricks well can sort out your options in the best manner possible.


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