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How to play craps

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Craps is game where you rely on your luck. The game is well known in the whole world and is played online and in real land casinos. Craps is played with dice and the players can bet against the casino in single or multiple dice throws. Usually the game is played by no more than 10 people and there are lots of people around the table, in the online play there are no people around the table, but the fun is there.
The player that throws the dice is called shooter and in the beginning of the game every player makes makes bets on the numbers he thinks the shooter will throw. The first throw is called come out roll. The result of the bets made by the players depends on that come out roll. When the sum of the 2 dices is 7 or 11 all bets over the pass line are winners, but if the sum is 2,3 or 12 these bets are losers. if the sum is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 this is called point. In this point the shooter throwes the dice again and again until he has the same number or 7. If the point is before number 7 then all bets over the pass line are winners. If the number 7 is first the bets over the pass line are losers.
Craps is very exciting game for many people. It's a fact that the game is pure luck and no more. But many people play it because they like it.

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