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You need good memory to play blackjack, traditional or online. You need to learn to follow the rules if you want to win. The game is not only luck, even though it's needed. The rules of blackjack really are simple and we will try to help you to be successful in it. The bets depends on the types of the table and must be taken into consideration before the start of the play.
After a bet is made and the game starts the bet can't be changed. Before the dealer begin giving the cards to the players he removes the first card from the top. Every player gets 2 cards which only he can see, the dealer also received 2 cards, but one of the cards can be seen by the players. Blackjack is game against the dealer, the aim is to have better score than the dealer, but not more than 21. If you have over 21 you lose and the dealer wins.
The players can receive additional card by hitting hit(in online play) or choose to stand and keep only the 2 cards that were given first. When a player has 10 and Ace that is blackjack. That combinations always wins against the other combinations that make 21. The cards from 2 to 10 always have the same value as the number, queen, jack and king always are 10 points. The ace is either 1 or 11, the choice is yours. Apart from hit and stand the players can make other decisions that are important for the game. The option split lets you split the points into 2, but you also double the bet. Now it's like having 2 games against the dealer. You can win both or lose both or win and lose.
Doubling lets you double the bet but only after the first 2 cards have been given. Then you can receive only 1 additional card. The option surrender lets you surrender from the game, but only after the dealer has checked his cards. The option insurance is very interesting, it's used from players when the dealer's first card is ace, then the player buys insurance to ensure that if the next card is 10 and the dealer hit blackjack he won't lose. He receives hiw insurance if indeed the dealer had 21, but if no then it's lost. According to the rules, the dealer must have at least 17 points to hit pass, if the dealer gets more than 21 points all the players that still are in the game win.

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