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UK Based Online Bingo Sites

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Online bingo started back in the late 1990s and ever since then the industry has exploded at a phenomenal rate. Today, you can literally find 100s of different online bingo sites to choose from, all of which offer different entertainment. To be able to host a bingo site aimed at UK bingo players you need to have a licence and it seems like more and more UK bingo sites are applying and getting accepted than even before.
Offline bingo in the United Kingdom is solely based around the 90 ball version of bingo, but UK online bingo sites are not so different than over bingo sites based around the world. UK bingo sites offer 90 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo, and more and more UK bingo sites are starting to offer 80 ball bingo. When it comes to bonuses and promotions there is really nothing different than other online bingo sites.
Before a UK bingo site is given a licence the site must abide by strict regulation of the federal government. Such rules of which are: sites must prevent under 18s from being able to sign up to their sites and playing, no personal details must be given out to third-parties and they must not promote gambling to people who have gambling problems.
If you yourself like in the United Kingdom then you will be quite aware of the astonishing amount of television advertisements that UK bingo sites have. When you listen to the radio you will hear a bingo advert and even driving your child to school you will see a bingo billboard. There is no lie in saying that the market share for bingo is astonishing. For UK bingo sites to advertising in the UK, laws apply which include: adverts cannot appeal to children and cannot be shown during children’s TV programs.
In some parts of the USA gambling is illegal, even online gambling. If caught, you could be serving a prison sentence and fine. Luckily enough, gambling in the UK is completely legal and is why UK citizens seem to love the game of bingo as much as they do. With how easy the game is to pick up and with the amazingly high jackpots available, along with fantastic bonuses, it is not wonder why so many people get hooked on the game and is why most people have at least tried the game to see what all the hype was about.
If you are from the United Kingdom and you play online bingo you may be unaware of where the site is based or nor do you care. Being British people tend to go with local produce and why should there be an excepting when it comes to online bingo sites? After all, if the site is UK based then more than likely so is their customer services. Trying to get through to a UK call centre is not only easier but it is usually less stressful and less of a hassle.

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