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Don’t Trust Best Casino Lists

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I am sure you have come across many sites that claim to rank the best online casinos, but did you know that many of these sites simply rank casinos based on how much they will pay them?
It is a well known fact that many online casino affiliates will often accept payments in exchange for “top positions” on their sites. After all, this is one of the largest factors that will determine an affiliate’s commission. Instead of taking the player’s interests first affiliates have started trading in their morals and integrity for a quick buck.
Recently a new site launched called whose main goal is to put an end to this practice. “Far too many affiliate sites have become corrupted by greed”, said the site’s owner who goes by the name Graham on most major affiliate forums. “Our focus is to tell players which sites are really the best and then back it up with facts. For example, any affiliate site that does not have Betfair somewhere in the Top 10 list should not even be looked at as Betfair Casino is one of the only casinos to offer a section with zero-house edge.”
One of the nice features about is the site is broken down into several easy to navigate sections. They have several “best casino” pages that rank casinos based on things like the customer’s location, OS, software, deposit options along with many more. Also, there is a nice chart that breaks down the casino deposit options accepted by their “top casinos” making it easy to find a good casino that accepts your deposit method of choice.
Like most other casino sites, also discusses the most popular casino games (including some strategy) and of course the ever popular casino bonuses. They also have a casino blog that is currently being developed, but promises to provide entertaining articles related to the casino industry both online and offline. has stated that they do not and will not take money in exchange for positions on their site. “Casinos contact us all the time looking to get listed on our site, but we prefer to stick with only the casinos that we know about”, Graham went on to say. “If your casino really is what we deem to be best casino quality, we will find you well before you find us.”
As a player, always be sure to do a significant background check on any casino that you are planning to deposit money with. Here are some things you can do to help reduce the risk of you making a deposit at some fly by night casino:
1)      Google the casino’s name + words like “stole”, “steals”, “cheats”, etc. to see if any players have wrote negative stuff about the casino in the past.
2)      Determine when the casino launched. Casinos that are under a year or 2 old should be avoided until they have proven themselves in this highly competitive industry.
3)      Stick with casinos that are regulated by the Government in their jurisdiction. If possible it is usually better to stick with casinos regulated in the UK as the rules are much tougher than some other regions.
4)      Read all the fine print before making your deposit. Things to look out for include: withdrawal limitations, bonus restrictions and rules, and ID requirements.
If you follow the steps above you should help reduce the likelihood that you will deposit at a casino that will make your life a living hell. Good luck!

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