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Safe gambling in a online casino

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Almost each day we are getting questions by mail about how a online casino guarantees the security of their players. Not only the security of game hacking and payment is important but also the team that w'll keep you far away from a gambling addiction. Its general known that a gambling addiction isnt very hard to pick up. Recent research tells that playing online casino games could be more addictive then playing in a offline casino. In this article w'll take a closer look to the world of gambling safety!

Transaction safety
Everyone who is familiar on the internet can remember old casino spam and casino frauds. These frauds are happend most around the year 2000. Around this period the internet was becomming very popular and online casino's were bouncing out of the ground. A lot of these were "scam" casino's. These casino's were out there to steal your creditcard information and to pull out all your money. Within a short period of time the most of these scamsites were removed and the casino thrust was becomming back again.

Nowadays there is almost 0 fraud in the casino online sites. Allmost al the casino online's are using payment providers, most time wellknown payment processor companies. This means that the casino company itself won't see any of your creditcard information or banking settings, its all safe and locked within the payment provider. The only thing the casino gets to see is if the transaction you made was succesfull or not. If so, the payment provider will sent a message to the server of the gambling website and your account will be credited.

Monitoring and gambling addiction
A great benefit of playing casinos online is that all your deposits and withdraws are registered. Everything you do will be registered and can be made avaible when its needed so. For example, when the casino suspects when you are building on a gambling addiction. The most online casinos have special teams that are monitoring the deposits of the players, if some players deposit a unhealthy amount of money the team will contact this player to ask why,how and if he can really miss that money. The casino most time places a call, these call agents are trained addiction recognizers, when the call agent suspects that the player is lieing or the player sais he is getting addicted the casino account can be blocked. Furthermore the player will be blocked from the casino website and from promotion mailings.

This system helped over 100 players a month that are showing heavy addiction signs. The casino keeps the right to cutt off a account (paying the money in the account back ofcourse). People who are saying that a casino on the internet only tries to get a player addicted so they can earn money don't know how these companies work. The most negative comments on the internet gambling sites are comming from people who havent played a casino on the internet ever. So thats a easy way to justice right?

The gambling market made a explosive grow over the last 10 years with a lot of profits for the players safety. When you are about to play a casino we advice you to use a certified casino portal and to choose a casino from there. These portals have tested all the casino's so you know that you can enjoy all the safety measures.

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