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How to play roulette: 5 tips for beginners

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Modern gamblers enjoy ample options to choose. Online casinos offer hundreds of diverse slot machines, as well as dozens of card games and roulettes. Most often, beginners choose exactly slots, because they are simple, exciting and bring good money. But Roulette online is no less fun. You will have every chance to succeed in this game if you follow some rules.

1.   Choose a roulette with one zero on the wheel or without it. American Roulette lures beginners with an unusual two-zero wheel, but reduces the gambler's chances of success as the casino wins when both a single zero and double are landed on.

2.   Avoid betting on 5 numbers. If you already decide to play exactly American roulette, do not bet on the following combination: 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. Even if you win, you will receive 1.2:1 payout. For example, you will bet $1 on every number. If the ball lands on one of them, you will receive 6:1 payout. That is, you bet $5 and get $6, which means you win only $1.

3.   Disregard previous results. The roulette wheel has no memory; previous values ??are in no way connected with future ones. Strategies based on these parameters are a waste of time and money.

4.   Lower your bets if you are not lucky enough. If you notice that the ball stubbornly ignores your bets and lands on the wrong numbers, either stop the game or lower the bets. All gamers have bad luck, there is nothing to worry about. You will not be able to impact the game and luck, but you can save most of your bankroll.

5.   Restrict the number of “inside” bets. Of course, every roulette player wants to guess specific numbers and win a lot of money. However, reality dictates its own rules. If you have a small bankroll, give preference to “outside” bets, where the chances of winning are much higher.


How to learn playing roulette

Although this game seems very simple, avoid rushing to play for money. For starters, practice in the demo mode. Click the link to get access to the most engaging and exciting free roulettes, slots and card games.


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