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Four types of gamers and 4 casino approaches to their retention

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Each online casino seeks to increase profits. Of course, everyone has different ways: outright scammers, for example, use hacked games. Honest casinos operate by marketing methods, for example, offer promos and tournaments.
 However, there is one interesting way often used by modern casinos. This is an approach based on the psycho type of gamers. Psychology professor Richard A. Bartle came up with the four types of gamers in online casinos. These are explorers, achievers, killers and socializers. He has proved that, depending on the game, one or another type appears in each. Let us view them in detail.
Achievers strive to maximize any available gaming bonuses. In addition, they greatly appreciate statuses and awards. This makes them an ideal target for retention, because the system of casino statuses works fine for them, just as various bonuses, especially, no deposit. Even if the bonus will cost a lot in the end (taking into account the wager), such gamers will try to get it anyway. They account for the lion's share of tournament participants, and indeed, all casino visitors.
Explorers enjoy the process. Money and statuses are of secondary importance for them in comparison with the chance to explore new games and discover previously unknown aspects of familiar games. The plot and gripping quests, constant content updates are what explorers need. These are loyal gamers, though not prone to spontaneous decisions.
Killers love tournaments even more than achievers. These gamers most value influence and superiority. The core thing for them is once again to prove to everyone, and especially to themselves, that they are the best. Online casinos easily lure such players using a system of social statuses and ratings.
Finally, the fourth type are socializers. These players are happy to write reviews, debate on forums and in social media groups. They are not much prone to gambling, but work great for the image of a casino in the web; therefore, they assign much importance to various competitions, events, forums and, in general, as many opportunities as possible to communicate.
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