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Online casinos: 5 common misconceptions

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There are many rumors, myths and legends around online casinos. Many seasoned players have outdated stereotypes actively promoted in the public. Less experienced players often listen to the opinion of "experts", thus, misunderstanding the ongoing processes.
Let us review the most common misconceptions among gambling fans and beginners.

Casinos profit from cheating

Many people really think so. In fact, in any game, the casino has overpowering mathematical superiority over its player, which is always fulfilled in the end. The real profit of online casinos is 1-2.5%.
This means that casinos are kind of intermediaries between winners and losers. The real business profit depends on money turnover. Cheating will cause less popularity, thus, users will be less likely to make deposits. For online casinos, large winnings by players are good – this is the best publicity, which, moreover, is free.

No chances to win in online casinos
There are chances indeed, and many players have already proven this. Yes, it is impossible to win guaranteed big profits in a casino due the random number generator (RNG), but often to win is quite real. To know more, read, which is especially popular among beginners.

RTP can be changed by a casino owner
The management of a gambling website cannot set its own Return To Player ratio to generate profit. As mentioned earlier, this is not required. The RTP ratio of gaming machines and other coefficients are adjusted by software developers. In fact, a game itself runs on the servers of developers, which eliminates interference with the algorithms of the system. Some games come with a customizable range of RTP, but the discrepancy is not large, because developers will not risk their own reputation for the sake of someone else's profit.

Demo modes use the algorithms of the real version, and round results are also processed by software suppliers. This ensures reliable testing of theories and plenty of practice.

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Beginners find it difficult to play and learn things
Another misconception easy to dispel. The only thing for in-depth learning before the game is the rules of the project. The terms and conditions are described in detail to avoid double interpretation. If you have queries, the operator will answer them in online chat right on the website. Big online casinos offer 24/7 support service. It will take a few minutes to get an answer.

Strategies and calculations do not work in online casinos
As already mentioned, the RNG operates on the websites providing unpredictability of results. There were cases when the same number won several times in a row when playing roulette. This does not mean that standard strategies and gambling schemes do not work – they are truly effective, but there is always a calculation error and chances of losing. There are no schemes with 100% winning in online casinos. Software developers take care of this.


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