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Under God We Gamble...

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Since its advent gambling has been a game that pulls in people with a lure of bee to honey. The opportunity to win by the truck loads and investing a few gets the adrenalin raging like a bull.
 Casinos helped transcend this rush of hormones in to a multibillion dollar hospitality industry which served an unending queue of people looking to make money and also enjoy the grandeur and luxury that Casino Hotels offer, the prime example being America’s playground Las Vegas. The lust and greed and the plethora of people looking for the high that gambling provides refuses to abate. There have been several movies that have heaped praises and showed us the murky side of the gambling business like Casino, Casino Royale, 21 , Casino Jack, Ocean’s Eleven  are movies that have helped  people realize the high and lows of the gambling business and how it effects are lives.
There are several make and break stories of people having won and lost fortunes in a single night at a casino. But more than winning and losing it is also the gambling addiction that psychiatrists have had to deal with. More recently the advent of Online Casinos has helped in roping in a larger demographic of people to the gambling world. The number of people gambling online has seen a steady rise and real money online casino websites like Caesars Casino stand witness to this. Although online casinos do not provide the sights and sounds and the FUN associated with bricks and mortar casinos, they still offer the basic thrill of trying out your luck. Though you may not have ladies falling over you when u win , you may still have your drink on the rocks , hold up the glass when you win and scream out  when you loose. Online casinos offer lucrative options of winning money, but it is best to ensure that you read the fine print and don’t get carried away by the catchy taglines.
While playing and using online casinos it is best advised to be stingy, as you may be sitting all alone and in the lure of greed might end up spending a lot more than you intended to.  Your emphasis should also be on the face that the site is authentic and you have a clear picture of how your money shall go in and out, you should also check for the affiliation of the site as there are several site masquerading as legitimate online casinos which attract you with the lure of greed and once they have your money, you have no way of contacting them. The need to emphasize   that you exercise   extreme control on yourself cannot be stresses upon less, you have to ensure that you stick to strict inputs of money and once you are on a winning or losing streak you use justifiable logic and draw the line.
Online casinos have their pros and cons and you need to evaluate them before you enter into the world of gambling, as greed can be a very overpowering emotion and casinos thrive on it. Make sure you are in a balanced state when gambling as once you lose your money to a casino the only way you can get it back is by winning and not pleading. Casinos are a form of entertainment and not life remembers that and you will be fine.

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