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Online Craps Strategy

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 There are many ways that online Craps players will play this hugely popular casino table game, whilst many players will leave their winning chances down to luck and luck alone, we are more than aware that many players  play Craps with a very strict playing strategy or some form of betting system in play, and will never veer of their chosen way of playing Craps.

It does have to be said that players who choose to put into play a well thought out online craps strategy do tend to have more winning sessions than other players! In this article we shall take a look at just a handful of different ways that you can improve your winning chances when playing Craps online, and whilst there can never be any guarantees that you will win when playing Craps, knowing what to look out for and how to play this game optimally will certainly help you achieve higher levels of success.

As you will already be aware when playing Craps online or even in a land based venue, it is a two part game on which you are only ever going to be able to place certain wagers onto the Craps table at certain stages of the game, and one thing that often escapes the notice of many novice Craps players is that each and every single wager you can place onto the table boasts its own house edge.

The best bets you can place are always going to be those with the lowest house edges attached to them, as each different online casino software company has a different variant of Craps on offer we will use Microgaming’s variant as an example for presenting to you the highest and lowest house edge betting opportunities.

When playing the Craps game at a Microgaming powered online casino site the worst bets you can place are the Hard 4 or 10, any seven, any craps, hard hops or easy hops    bets as each one of those betting opportunities has a house edge in excess of 10%.

Conversely the best bets you will be able to place when playing online Craps optimally at a Microgaming powered online casino site are the Place 6 or 8 bets and the Lose on 6 or 8 bets as they boast house edges lower than 2%.
You should always be prepared to consider using an online casinos welcome bonus or any ongoing bonuses that you may get offered when you choose to play Craps in the online gaming environment, however do be aware that may online casinos impose very high play through requirements on their Craps games and as such some bonuses are not offering you true playing value due to those higher than average play through requirements.

Also if you do locate a casino site online that has a bonus offer with low play through requirements and a bonus that can be used on the Craps games then take advance of any additional real money playing comps you can get access to, for some casino sites are way more generous than others in regards to player comps and with the high volume of wagers you can place during a standard Craps session those points can and will quickly accumulate.

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