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Online Slots for Real Money

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How many land based casinos have you walked into for the very first time and been offered a large amount of free credits to play their range of slot games with? The answer is probably none, for such venues are not that well known for offering all manner of generous incentives to get players through their doors.

However, if you are a slot player who fancies trying your chances at playing online slots for real money then you are going to be overwhelmed with the number of bonuses, promotional offers, slot comps and also the huge amount of different slot games that will be made available to you when start playing at online casino sites.

As more and more countries have chosen to offer online casino sites a gambling license allowing them to legally operate and offer their services in that country’s boundaries, we have seen more and more casinos opting to become licensed in lots of different countries and as such you are never at the mercy of unlicensed and unregulated offshore based casino sites which means that there are now no risks attached to playing slot games online for real money, other than the usual risks associated with spinning any slot machines reels.
What Types of Online Slots Can I Play for Real Money?

If you have started to come across advertisements for online casinos in the country where you reside and have been thinking of giving those sites a try, but have been a little unsure on just what types of online slots you can play for real money then below is a small overview of each category of game available online, and we can guarantee that whatever slot machine you prefer playing there will be lots of slots available in that respective category.

Fruit Machines – UK players will already be familiar with playing fruit machines for they are the most commonly found slot machines available in Great Britain, and there are no shortages of online fruit machines readily available also.

3 Reel Slots –  You will never be forced to play very complicated slots online for real money when logged into an online casino site for there will always be a collection of the more basic three reel slots on offer which are fast playing games on which no bonus games can or will be awarded to you.

Video Slots – The most fun to play and most exciting online slot games you can get stuck into playing for real money are the video slots. The reasons these games are so exciting is they offer sampled sound effects, animated graphics, multiple often optional paylines and a while plethora of unique base game and bonus game features can be awarded to you when you are playing them.

Progressive Slots – You could become an instant millionaire when playing some online progressive slot games, for when playing these types of slots a huge jackpot will be offered that keeps on growing in value as more and more players play them.

Fixed Odds Slots – There are not that many fixed odds slot machines available online but you will find a handful of them, and when playing these very uniquely structured slots you will have to place a bet on one or more of the possible winning combinations spinning in and need to see the ones you bet on lining up on the payline to be awarded a winning payout.


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