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Online Casino Tip: Take Advantage of the Holiday Season!

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 The last quarter of every year has traditionally saw some of the biggest giveaways and special events in the online casino world. The reason simply comes down to the season. Starting with Halloween, moving through Thanksgiving and culminating with Christmas and New Year celebrations, the offers come fast and rich with value. Here is a quick guide to what you can expect and how best to make the most of the seasonal casino offers.
For Non-Depositors
For players who just like to pick up the free offers that do not require a deposit, there are plenty of these deals to be had. A no deposit offer is generally a bonus code that awards free spins or a free chip and players do not need to make any deposit to get it. These types of offers are most often seen as "new player" offers. A player must be new to that particular casino and it must be their first registered account.
However, during the holiday season period of October through December, there are many of these gifts available even to players who have existing accounts at that particular site. Here is a quick list of items to be on the lookout for, or for the proactive types, actively searching for!
Free Spins on Seasonal Games - These are very popular during Christmas, where players can use a code to get free spins on a Christmas themed game.
Free Chips for New Players - Tons of casinos have free chips to attract new players during this time of the year. If you find an online casino that you are considering joining, search for that casino's name and a no deposit bonus and there is a good chance you will stumble across a good offer. You can also go directly to the casino's site, open up a live chat support box and just ask directly. Make sure to do this before registering an account though, as most free chip codes will require you to enter them upon signup!
Freeroll Tournaments - Whether you enjoy slots, blackjack or poker, there are a wide range of holiday themed freerolls going during our target time frame. Some freerolls will offer add on and rebuy opportunities. If you are the straight freerolling type with no intention to deposit unless you win money, then look for the ones that do not allow the rebuys or add ons, since it will be more difficult to hit the top of the leaderboard, if players with money are allowed to keep taking shots. If, on the other hand, you have a few bucks to spend, then by all means hit the rebuy and add on events. You will be surprised how well you can place with just a few dollars invested!
For Depositors
This time of year is heaven for players who have some extra money to deposit. On top of all the free offers that can be had above, we are able to add the following to our list of holiday freebies.
Loyalty / Advent Calendars - A large number of online casinos will toss up a calendar during the month of December and as each day passes another offer will be revealed. To claim the offer, some type of objective must usually be met, such as wagering a certain amount on a holiday slot machine. Besides the value of daily rewards and gifts, many of these promotions will have a loyalty aspect which awards greater rewards if a player takes advantage of multiple days during the calendar.
Small Buy-in / Huge Payoff Tournaments - Check for holiday tournaments with buy in’s of $5 or less! These events will commonly have prize pools starting at $10,000 and moving up drastically from there. It is usually easier to place "in the money" with a small buy in tournament because there are a lot fewer entrants. If you are the depositing, make sure to set aside a few dollars to buy in and add-on in these holiday events and you will not be sorry. Players will generally have a much better chance of hitting a nice leaderboard spot than they will of hitting an elusive jackpot elsewhere in the casino.
Big Match Offers - If there is any time of the year to make a deposit and get a deposit match with friendly wagering conditions, the holiday season has to be it! It is well known in the online casino world that players are active most often during the fall and winter months. We are all on vacations and getting out from in front of our computers during the spring and summer months! So the marketing departments save their big cannons for this time of year. Lucky players get to enjoy being hit by the wads of money coming out of those marketing cannons. Be on the lookout for massive deposit bonuses with low wagering requirements!
Let Someone Else do the Searching!
Follow along with or bookmark a popular online casino blog such as and you will not have to do the legwork yourself to find these great holiday casino offers. Just check back frequently to see what is going on, who has the best offers and when the juicy tournaments are set to go.
May you have a prosperous holiday bonus hunting season!

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