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8 Fun Facts about Gambling

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Gambling is fun in and of itself, but there are also some funny and interesting facts to learn about the games that we all love and come back to.
Did you know that there are so many slot machines in Las Vegas that there is enough to give one to every eight citizen. I guess that should tell you enough about how crazy people are about these games – and how profitable they are in turn!

And on that note: did you know that 68% of the money gambled in Las Vegas is gambled on the slots? You might have thought that the popularity for the video poker slots simply were on Facebook, but playing is just as popular, if not more.

The first ever sandwich were created by John Montagu. The reason? He loved to eat meat and bread, but loved only one thing more. Eating meat and bread, while playing at the casino at the same time.

The chance of hitting a royal flush when playing poker is 1 in 649,740! Think about that before you go ahead and play real money video poker. So it will not be easy getting that big prize!

Blue chip stocks, as in the financial term for big companies, has derived its name from the casinos. The blue chip in casinos would always have the highest denominator, hence the name used about the biggest companies.

Blackjack were originally called “vingt-et-un”, which is French for 21. Now, even though this seems to be taken as fact, the Italian and French are still arguing over who thought up the game first. No wonder, given that this is the most popular table casino game there is.

Although Blackjack is the most popular table game, among Asians there is another one that takes up their time: real money baccarat. For some reason they seem to favor this game over the western favorite named 21. And the high rollers are especially fond of it.

In surveys where the American public where asked how the view gambling and its ban, over 80% answered that they thought gambling should be legalized. Off course coming from a website about gambling, we are biased. But that should tell you something when most the public wants gambling, but not the government.

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