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French lady wins 4.5 million euros jackpot

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French Riviera has many attractions including some casinos such as the casino JOA de la Siesta at Antibes, a nice resort city. And the focus was not at the beach this weekend but rather at the slot machines where a 59 years woman won the incredible 4.5 million euros progressive jackpot.
And this regular live and online casino player will never forget that day when she stopped at the casino on her way to the seaside. She walked to the three slots machines that are part of the progressive network. Her initial bet was just twenty euros. Each time with 1.5 euro, the reels spin and show a combination. To win the jackpot, a player needs the triple logo, and it came up from pure chance.
Chance really met with her that afternoon. When she heard the jackpot bell, she could not stop crying, expressing her joy and she could not believe it. At first she did not realize she had won that sum. It's the same joy that players get when they play at 777 and play their favorite games. In fact the middle age woman thought she had won ... 4000 euros. In fact it was 4,522,674.15 euros after all. Several minutes were required for her to join reality with that fairy tale.
When the jackpot is triggered, there is a ring and all the machines on the network stops. Champagne was then offered to all customers, special T-shirts for staff members, balloons, gift boxes and a giant check was presented to the winner who wishes to remain anonymous. The end of the day took an air of festival at Antibes.
The next day the news went around and clients came to see the magical slot machine which made someone so rich overnight. The jackpot fell back to about 1.7 million, still a massive amount to win. This jackpot displayed on a giant counter installed above the three slot machines near the roulette is constantly increasing as new bets are made throughout France.
This is the first time the Magic Casinos Jackpot rewards at this level a player on the French Riviera. The casino manager said that this is a very nice lady and he is very happy for her, she deserves it. She was wondering if she could afford to spend her retirement on the French Riviera, now it is going to be great enjoyment for her. She said that she wanted to buy a nice house and explore the world.
The Magic Casinos Jackpot, which calls itself the ‘largest global network of interconnected casinos’ is a multisite program currently including 300 connected slot machines in one hundred French casinos ( Emerald Cogit, Lucien Barri?re group, JOA, Tranchant, and twenty independent).

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