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Tips to Win Big at the Slot Machine

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A game based on chance is always going to be difficult to beat. How can you win when talent, ability or skill is not the criteria for winning?
That’s what slot machines are all about. It is considered an unbeatable casino game in the long term precisely because all you have to be is lucky in order to win it.
But any game—slots included—can be beaten in the short term, more so, if you understand how the machine works and if you play with all the possible odds you can get on your side.
Tip One. Understand that slot machines are not designed to give winnings on a per spin basis. So a near-win doesn’t mean the next spin will give you the jackpot. Instead slots are based on RNG or Random Number Generator. Simply put, the chip inside generates a hundred—even thousands—of combination of numbers every millisecond even when no one’s using it. A fraction of a second that the handle is pulled or the spin button pushed will produce varying results.
Tip Two. Never come in the casino with bank you are not willing to lose. Remember, this is all about gambling—you can win anytime, or lose anytime. Any money you win must be kept as winnings and the original bank should be used for its original purpose—for gambling.
Tip Three. Know your limits. Once you have exhausted your bank roll, stop. It’s not wise to spend all your money trying to win back what you have already lost. When you get ahead, you can either keep your winnings and play with your original bank roll, or stop playing altogether. That way, you’ll end the night a sure winner.
Tip Four. If you don’t have much bank roll to play with and gamble big time, find a dollar machine instead. This way, you will be able to stretch your money so you can play and have fun longer.
But take note to play the highest denomination appropriate for your bankroll. Why? Because the higher the denomination, the bigger the percentage of the payout. Usually, dollar slot machines payout 95 percent returns.
These same principles apply wether you are playing in a casino hall, online casino or even playing mobile slots.

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