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Breaking Some Common Slot Machine Myths

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Luck seems to fall on some people when it comes to playing the slots and it seems, it almost always happens in the movies, but it never happened to you.
So you easily fall for myths or false logic people fabricate about slot machines. They are rarely true, but they believe it anyway so as to make themselves get that winning feeling whenever they pull the handle or push the spin button.
But this does not deconstruct the workings of this favorite gaming apparatus. On the contrary, it only helps in making it more mystifying than ever.
Here are some common myths surrounding slots and how each can’t be taken as fact.
- Someone else took the jackpot on the machine you were playing on awhile ago. You would have hit the jackpot if you had only kept on playing.
Not true. You have to understand how a slot machine works so you’d know this can’t be true.
A slot machine contains a computer chip that continuously generates RNG (Random Number Generator) even when it’s not being played. It would have taken the RNG generate thousands of combinations already with the time you spent checking you phone for messages or checking the time.
Only when you pull the handle will the machine pick the exact combination at that particular nanosecond. If you kept on playing, it is very unlikely that you’d be able to stop the RNG at precisely the exact nanosecond (1/1000 of a second) as the other player.
- Keeping an eye on a hot slot.
This is a gambling myth that’s says a machine that has not paid out any jackpot will become ‘hot’ and would likely hit a jackpot soon.
The slot machine is set to payout a specific percentage of the money it takes in—that much is true. But when the actual payout will happen is totally random because again, it operates using RNG.
The spin that will win you the jackpot is determined by a strict and accurate moment in time—in nanoseconds, in fact—and not because the machine has not given a hit in a while.
- Casinos can loosen or tighten slot machines to determine winning combinations.
Slot machines and its payback percentage are pre-set, not in the casino, but in the factory where the machine is made.
Casinos can’t just alter the settings of a slot machine lest they would need to change the chip that runs it as well. In cases where they do want to alter it, they would need to file the required paper works to the Casino Control Commission.
It is not an easy process or a cheap one. And casinos are required to do this each and every time they decide to change the chip so typically, they leave the machine as it is. It’s more practical for them that way.
Instead of believing these myths, it’s best to play with stakes you can afford to lose. Doing that will make playing the slots much more enjoyable. Why not try playing the latest mobile slots games too.

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